How You Know if You Have Raccoon Infestation


Raccoons are small mammals that get to your yard without your invite, in other words, Raccoons are unwanted guests that dominate your compound causing significant damages. If you have never interacted with these creatures its good you know that they are common in urban and suburban areas and their population is rapidly growing day by day, perhaps the reasons they are shifting to people yards due to limited space.

Raccoons carry some diseases that can be passed down to your pets like rabies and apart from diseases they will damage your property, loafing around your well-maintained yard making it less attractive and so on Hence once you notice one or more raccoon in your compound its recommended you chase it away immediately or contact an infestation specialist. If you are wondering how you can tell whether you have raccoon infestation around your compound, look no further we have listed below the common signs that show that you have raccoon infestation. If you notice any of following signs please call your local wildlife removal company or go to to read more about useful DIY raccoon removal methods.

1. Urine and Faeces If you walk around your compound, garage or in other places and you notice Raccoon feces or unwanted urine smell chances of having raccoons in your area are high. Besides infesting outside your house, they can also find their way to the chimneys, attic and vents spaces and the only way you can tell if they are there is a bad smell coming from inside your house.

2. Noise. Raccoons are so annoying when it comes to chattering, scampering, or scratching they don’t stop they will do it till you give up on them. The perfect time to listen to them is in the middle of the night. If they have found their way to the chimney, you will hear them running, scratching your chimney, and playing around. If they are outside beside seeing them visually, you can hear them chattering sound at night around your home or trash area if you keep your trash outside the house.

3. Property Damage. Raccoons come to your home not to keep you company but to leave you in despair. If you don’t notice their presence in your home as soon as they come in by the time, you will be chasing them out you will be left with house repairs to take care of Raccoons are talented in climbing, getting on top of your house within a jiffy is not a wonder. When they get to your chimney and vents, they will scratch your property, urinate and leave feces that spoil your chimney causing major damage. Additionally, another way of telling they are around is when you notice shingles missing from your roof, they remove them to go and build a den around your yard. More so, raccoons are associated with human food it’s their favorite meal so if you find waste on your trash scattered everywhere your yard this might be a sign of raccoon infestation perhaps looking for a meal.

If either of the above signs appears real to you and you realize raccoons are taking over your home, please contact infestation specialist to get them away in the most humane way possible.